Add JAX-RPC-Handler to WebService (Gateway Instance)

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In this post i try to explain how to add an JAX-RPC-Handler to an Webservice Gateway Instance.
As you can see in the picture i posted below an JAX-RPC-Handler is connected to an Inbound or Outbound-Port of an WSGW-Instance. JAX-RPC-Handlers are commonly used for logging a Webservice.
Note to Mediations:
Mediation is are not specified to an WebService.
Mediations are connected to message destination. This enables mediations to log the message queues.

1. In Admin-console go to Service Integration > Webservices > JAX-RPC Handlers > New
Name: Name of Handler
Classname: "Classpath of your handler class"
your handler class(es) should be stored in "Websphere System directory"/lib/ext/"your class structure"
2. Go to Service Integration > Webservices > JAX-RPC Handler List > New
Fill out the form and move your handler class to right field.
3. Add JAX-RPC-Handler to Inbound-Port of WS-Gateway Service
3.1 Go to Service Integration > Buses > "Your Bus" > Inbound Services > "your inbound service" > Inbound ports > "Your inbound port"
3.2 Select JAX-RPC-Handler List from drop-down-menu and click "OK"