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May 30, 2008

Add an additional application server (JVM) to WAS 6.1 - Base version

In "WebSphere WAS 6.1 Base Version" only one application server is available (server1).
Via administrative console an additional server CAN NOT be created.
However there are alternative ways to do this.
1. Use wsadmin command line tool (start it with .../bin/

1.1 Use following command to define the Node which you want to add an application server
set node [$AdminConfig getid /Node:"NODE NAME"/]
1.2 Use this command to create an application server
$AdminTask createApplicationServer "NODE NAME" {-name "AppServer-Name" –templateName default}
1.3 Save changes with
$AdminConfig save

2. Hack the properties of administrativ console
2.1 Go to \profiles\config\cells\"cell name"\nodes\"node name"\
2.2 Open
Change the property from,,,,
2.4 Save file and restart servers
2.5 New ApplicationServers can now be created via administrative console

Note: Not all added menu items will work. Some background scripts aren't provided in WAS Base Version (e.g. Add Webservice gateway instance)

May 14, 2008

Startup behavior of an application

When you need to disable the auto-start option of an application go to "Enterprise Applications > Name of Application > Target specific application status", select Application Server and click "Disable Auto Start".

To adjust the startup order go to "Enterprise Applications > Name of Application > Startup behavior" and adjust to Startup order by changing the field-value.
Applications with lowest value are started first.
Applications with the same value are not startet in an specific order.

May 2, 2008

Update an WebSphere Installation

Tools needed:
IBM UpdateInstaller
Grapical User Interface (Display-variable)

In order to use the IBM UpdateInstaller a Grapical User Interface recommanded (I used Exceed. KDE, GNOME will work too)

1. Install IBM Update Installer
1.1 Download all necessary Updates on IBMs Update Site (use Update Wizard)
1.2 Copy all files to WebSphere-Server
1.3 Go to Update Installer-Directory and run install
1.4 Update Installer Installation GUI starts
1.5 Click through dialogs and install IBMs Update Installer

2. Run Update Installer
2.1 Go to install-directory of Update Installer
2.2 Run
2.3 Click through dialogs and select as directory the WebSphere System directory (not the profile directory).
2.4 Select directory of maintance packages and run installation