WebSphere licensing

How does IBM licence WebSphere?

Right now they are using Processor Value Units (PVUs). Which means every core of an CPU is a processor which needs to licenced. So if you have an Quad-Core-CPU you need to licence four processors.

Additionally every CPU-Type costs a different amount of PVUs, depending on the max. sockets of the underlying system.

See the following linkg for the most recent table:

Depending on the version of WebSphere Application Server (Base, Express, Network Deployment, etc.) each PVU costs different.

Use the IBM PVU Calculator.
Add a WebSphere Application Server to your shopping cart to calculate correct licence costs (without any discounts).

Strangely IBMs Power-CPUs are rated highest.
The Price for an WebSphere Application Server Network Deployment Value Unit is ~155 $.
Not a cheap amusement.