Problems with WebSphere Update Installer

Yesterday i just wanted to update my testing enviroment to WAS
Iin order to do that i just wanted to install the Update Installer
I executed the install-script an nothings happens. Nice.
In the end i detected an error on the JDK/JRE shipped with the Update Installer.
Error message:
/opt/WebSphere/UpdateInstaller61017_install/JDK/jre.pak/repository/ cannot execute binary file
I couldnt really determinate the problem, but i managed to launch the Update Installer with another JRE.
/"WAS_SYSTEM_ROOT"/java/jre/bin/java -cp /"UPDATE_INSTALLER_PATH"/UpdateInstaller/setup.jar -Xms48m -Xms384m run -options /"UPDATE_INSTALLER_PATH"/UpdateInstaller/responsefile.updiinstaller.txt -silent

For Installation i used a responsefile and the silent install mode. Our 64bit-System doesnt support the Install-GUI of the UpdateInstaller.
To run the Update Installer i executed
/"WAS_SYSTEM_ROOT"/java/jre/bin/java -cp /"UPDATE_INSTALLER_PATH"/update.jar -Xms48m -Xms384m run

I didnt mangage to find the "problem" on the delivered JDK/JRE. Probably there is someting wrong with the CLASSPATH.

Problem conclusion:
Replace the JRE-folder ("UPDATE_INSTALLER_PATH"/java/jre) with a jre-folder of a old Update-Installer-Installation.
Here you can download a working jre-folder
Part 1
Part 2
You need Winrar to unpack.

Update 2 (new):
Seems like IBM removed the Intel Intanium 64 Bit version of the Update Installer.
Only the Linux for AMD/Intel 64 Bit version is available at the moment.