Add a portlet to Liferay (deployed via WebSphere's admin console)

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In this post i try to descripe how to deploy a portlet in liferay's portlet container using the administrative console of a WAS 6.1 installation.
I will use the sample-jsp-portlet for demonstration.
1. Stop Liferay / Server
2. Copy portal-kernel.jar to "WebSphere_System_Root"/lib/ext/
3. Restart Liferay / Server
4. Edit the web.xml of your portlet-war-file.
4.1. Add following entries (for sample-jsp-portlet):

Link to complete Web.xml for sample-jsp-portlet

Hint: Use Winrar to edit the web.xml in the war-file.
4.2 Edit the portlet.xml
4.2.1 Edit portletName-Tag to

5. Deploy the portlet via administrative console of WebSphere.
5.1 Go to Enterprise applications > "Select your Liferay application" > Click "Update" > Select " Replace or add a single module"
5.2. Browse to the edited portlet-war-file.
5.3 Set "Specify the path beginning with the installed application archive file to the module to be replaced or added." to the portlet's name (in this case: sample-jsp-portlet).
5.3 Set the context path to a correct value (in this case i used: sample-jsp-portlet).

5.4. Click "Next" to start the deployment dialogs
5.5. Click through all deployment steps (change context path to "sample-jsp-portlet" (Step 7)).
5.6. Click "Finish" to deploy the portlet.
6. The portlet will be installed to the liferay-folder and can be added via the "Add application"-menu in Liferay (perhaps you have to restart Liferay/the server).

Download the complete sample-jsp-portlet for websphere here.

Special thanks to "Mate".
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