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Oct 13, 2008

PHP portlet in Liferay 5 running on WebSphere Application Server 6.1

Liferay supports portlets with php content. The deployment of these portlets in Tomcat is quite easy.
The deployment of a PHP portlet in Liferay 5 on a WebSphere Server is a bit more difficult.

1. Download the sample_php_portletWAS.war. Its a enhanced version of Liferays original php portlet. The WAR contains all needed files.

2. Move the portal-kernal.jar from <Liferay_root>/WebINF/lib to <WebSphere-System-Root>/lib/ext (or to any other class loading position which is higher then the Liferay 's class loader order).

3. Deploy the php portlet
3.1 In administrative console go to Applications > Enterprise Applications.
3.2 Select the Liferay 5.x App and click "Update"
3.3 Select "Replace or add a single module"
3.4. Select the sample_php_portletWAS.war and specify the context root and the module path.
Also you need to select "Show me all installation options and parameters".
3.5 Click "Next" to start the deployment process
3.6. On step 2 you need to map the server to the sample_php_portlet. Choose the server where Liferay 5.x is deployed.
3.7. On step 7 its nesessary to define the context path again
3.8. Start the deployment (Click "FINISH" and "SAVE")
4. Restart the server
5. Sign in to Liferay and add the "sample_php_portlet"

More information about the deployment of Liferay portlets in WebSphere can be found here

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