MySQL and WebSphere Application Server

WebSphere doesnt have a template for connections to MySQL-Databases.

To setup one, you need to create a JDBC-Provider first:
1. Go to Resources > JBDC > JDBC Provider > New to create a new Provider (Driver)
Enter in Step 1:
Database type: User-defindedImplementation class name: com.mysql.jdbc.jdbc2.optional.MysqlConnectionPoolDataSource

Enter in Step 2:
Path to MySQL-Driver-File (can be downloaded here)

Finish the creation in Step 3 (Summary) with "Finish".

Data source:
1. To create a data source for this JDBC Provider go to Resources > JDBC > JDBC Provider > "YOUR JDBC PROVIDER" > Data sources > New

Enter in Step 1:
Your desired Data source name
Your desired JNDI-Name (e.g. jdbc/LiferayPool)

Enter in Step 2:
No changes

Finish the creation in Step 3 with "Finish"

2. Go to Resources > JDBC > data sources > "your data source" > custom properties
Create these properties:
user = "database user"
password = "database user password"
serverName = "database server name/ip"
databaseName = "name of database"

Save and synchronize to finish the setup.