Generate a .NET Web service client for a Java EE Web service

[BETA] :-)
One of the advantages of Web services is the interoperability.
Thus its possible to use a .NET-Client for a Web services written in Java.
Just the WSDL is needed.

1. Install the newest Mircosoft .NET SDK
2. Locate the wsdl.exe in the .NET SDK-Installation (e.g. C:\PROGRA~1\Microsoft.NET\SDK\v2.0\Bin)
3. Execute
"SDK-Location (bin)"\wsdl.exe "Your WSDL-File"
4. You should now see a "your service"Client.cs - File. The .cs-File is the source code for the web service client proxy. These code/methods is/are used to access the web service.
5. To access the web service you need to instantiate the proxy client in your client code
YourService proxy = new YourService ();
To call the needed methode use something like
String result = proxy.findItem("123454");

5. To compile the C-Sourcecode without your IDE locate csc.exe in of the .NET SDK-Installation (e.g. C:\PROGRA~1\Microsoft.NET\SDK\v2.0.50727)
6. Execute
"SDK-Location"\csc.exe /t:exe /r:System.Web.dll,System.XML.dll,System.Web.Services.dll "your client code file" "proxy client code file"

7. You should now have a EXE-File of the client.

8. Test IT!