Setup Web service cache [server sided]

In this post i will explain how to use the web service server cache in WebSphere Application Server 6.1.

1. First you need to active the dynamic cache service and servlet caching in WebSphere via the administrative console
1.1. Navigate to Servers > Application servers > "your server" > Container services > Dynamic cache service
1.2 Activate "Enable service at startup" and click "OK" and "Save" to apply this setting.
1.3 Navigate to Servers > Application serves > "your server" > Web Container Settings > Web container
1.4 Activate "Enable servlet caching" and click "OK" and "Save" to apply this setting.
1.3 Restart server

2. Deploy the dynamic cache monitor to get a view of current state of the dynamic cache service
2.1 Locate the CacheMonitor.ear under "WebSphere-System-Root"\installableApps\
2.2 Deploy the ear-File (standard context root: cachemonitor)

3. Add a cachespec.xml (and the cachespec.dtd (located at /"websphere-sys-root"/properties) to your webservice project (Folder WEB-INF/)
3.1 The cachespec.xml should look like this:
<name>"service name"</name>
<component id="Hash" type="SOAPEnvelope" />
"service name" = e.g. /services/Repository
3.2 (Re-)deploy the Web service application

A sample cachespec-file can be found at "WebSphere-System-Root"/properties

Hint 2:
To enable web service cache through a Web services gateway (WSGW) see this link.