WebDAV Access for Liferay deyployed in a WebSphere Server

Enable WebDAV-Access to Liferay 5.2.2 deployed in WebSphere is quite easy.
1. Deploy Liferay 5.2.2
2. Download the liferay-portal-tunnel-web-5.2.2.war from Liferay's Sourceforge Folder.
3. After downloading the war-File you need to deploy it into the SAME JVM with Liferay 5.
4. Restart the JVM
5. Create a new Folder in a Document Library-Portlet and click "Access from my desktop"
6. Copy the URL

7. Create a new network resource in Windows. Use this Tutorial http://jakarta.apache.org/slide/xp.html
You can also use JackRabbit without Liferay in order to enable WebDAV with WebSphere.