405 method not allowed for IBM HTTP Server

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Modern application architectures are making use of REST/HATEOAS-patterns for designing a scalable structures.
RESTful application or interfaces are heavely based on the standard HTTP-Methods - including the DELETE and PUT methods.
This methods are NOT supported by default by the IBM HTTP Server. This typically leads to an the HTTP-Error 405 Method not allowed.

To enable DELETE and PUT Methods just simply edit the AcceptAllContent-Setting in the plugin-cfg.xml of your IBM HTTP Server.
The plugin-cfg.xml is located at
<Config ASDisableNagle="false" AcceptAllContent="true" AppServerPortPreference="HostHeader" ...
Unfortunatly this is global setting - for every server route and every URI-group in your plugin-cfg.xml.
It is also possible to edit the AcceptAllContent-Setting with the Administrative Console of WebSphere.
Navigate to Servers > Server Types > Web server > "Click on your Server" > Plug-In properties > Request and response
Click >Ok and >Save
The configuration should work without a restart of the web server - in both ways.
For more informationen please refer to: