Best of Breed

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The Definition of Best of Breed

Best of Breed is the process of selecting the best application available, that provide a set of capabilities which are highly specialized for the specific function they cover.
Therefore Best of Breed is an approach for selecting the best available software
solution for each field of application and combining (integrating) them in an appropriate way.


The opposite of best of breed is standardisation.
The standardisation of the application landscape can be achieved in multiple ways.

One approach refers to packaged software, especially to big integrated enterprise resource planing (ERP) suites.
ERP applications are an aggregation of a company's application systems designed
to bind more closely a variety of company functions and operations. These ERP
systems usually provide support for the entire internal company supply chain and
for functional areas such as human resources, finance, and marketing.
Today, these packages incorporate internal integration across business operations and functions, as well as to external entities (suppliers, customers). Major ERP vendors, such as SAP, Oracle and Microsoft, are offering package modules (e.g. for speci c industries) that can be added to the ERP system.

Another approach for standardisation is called Single-Sourcing . A Single-Sourcing strategy aims to implement as many software solutions as possible from he same vendor, assuming that this software solutions would integrate easily, as they from a single vendor.
However typical examples for Single-Sourcing vendors are ERP vendors.
A Single-Sourcing strategy also leeds to an serious vendor-lock-in.


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