Deploy Liferay 6.2 in WebSphere Application Server 8.5.5

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Liferay is a open source portal application runnable also in a WebSphere Application Server 8.5.5. In this post i describe how to get liferay 6.2 GA2 running.
As you will see getting liferay running in a WebSphere Server is not as easy as running liferay in a Tomcat container.
First download the newest GA release of Liferay from sourceforge:
You need to download the war-file package.
Open the Administrative Console of WebSphere and go to
Applications > New Application > New Enterprise Application
Select the liferay-war-file and click >Next
Select the "Fast Path" and click >Next
No further configurations are required in step 1. Click >Next.
In step 2 you could select your application server process. After that >Next.
In step 3 it is possible to change the context root for liferay. Click >Next.
Click >Finish in step 4.
WebSphere now installs the liferay application. Click >Save after the process ends.
Liferay needs additional libraries in order the be "operative". Without this libraries same ClassNotFound-Exceptions and NoClassDefFound-Exception will occure.
Download the Liferay-Dependencies from sourceforge.
Extract the zip-file and copy the jar-files to folder of your choise (e.g.:
In the administrative console go to Environment > Shared libraries > New

Click >OK.
Navigate to Servers > Server Types > Websphere application servers > "your server" > Java and Process Management > Class loader > New...
Select "Class loaded with local class loader first (parent last)"
Click >OK.
Select the "newly created class loader" > Shared library references > Add
Select the created shared library and Click >OK.
Liferay is very greed for resources. I recommand to increase the heap size of your server in order to get a better performance - especially when filling the portal with content.
Go to Servers > Server Types > Application servers > server1 > Process definition > Java Virtual Machine
Adjust the values for initial heap size and Maximum heap size. Also adjust the max perm size by adding the approperiate value the the Generic JVM arguments field (seperated by a space).
Click >OK and >Save.
Restart the application server.
After the restart Liferay should be reachable without any further errors.


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