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Aug 13, 2014

JMS in WebSphere

WebSphere Application Server 8 / 8.5 provids a basic JMS support for most Java based messaging scenarios.
Advanced scenarios including e.g. clients written in languages different from java, require a fully featured messaging middleware system like Websphere MQ or Apache Active MQ.

How to decode Websphere passwords

WebSphere Application Server 8 / 8.5 XOR-encodes (not encrypts!) system passwords based on an underscore ("_") - and some additional base64.

WebSphere Application Server Object Cache

WebSphere Application Server provides basic cache functionality for java ee applications.
One cache functionality is the "Object Cache" which allows applications to programatically use a container hosted cache instance. When using WebSphere Application Server Network Deployment the object cache can also be used as a clustered cache (invalidating & replicating). It therefore can be used as an alternative to Infinispan or EhCache.

405 method not allowed for IBM HTTP Server

Modern application architectures are making use of REST/HATEOAS-patterns for designing a scalable structures.
RESTful application or interfaces are heavely based on the standard HTTP-Methods - including the DELETE and PUT methods.
This methods are NOT supported by default by the IBM HTTP Server. This typically leads to an the HTTP-Error 405 Method not allowed.

Deploy Liferay 6.2 in WebSphere Application Server 8.5.5

Liferay is a open source portal application runnable also in a WebSphere Application Server 8.5.5. In this post i describe how to get liferay 6.2 GA2 running.
As you will see getting liferay running in a WebSphere Server is not as easy as running liferay in a Tomcat container.

WebSphere: Port conflicts while starting new JVM


In big WAS topologies with more than one cell you sometimes get some port conflicts with JVMs from the other cells. The JVMs wouldn´t start correctly because WAS isn´t able to handle this conflict with other cells. So multiple JVMs can get the same ports while creating the JVM.