How to synchronize WebSphere nodes

The Problem

In case of an inconsistent configuration between the master repository (deployment manager) and one or more WebSphere Network Deployment nodes, a manual re-sync is nessecarry.

Inconsistent configurations typically occur when changing security settings like certificates or jaas setups.

Synchronizing the node

To synchronize a specify node change to the command line.

First the the node agent needs to be stopped.
If the stop command does not work (loading forever...) simply kill the process.
kill -9 <nodeagent pid>
The process id (pid) can be extracted from

Next synchronize the node with the deployment manager
<WebSphere-Profile-Root>/bin/ <dmgr-host> <dmgr-soap-port>
The <dmgr-soap-port> is typically 8879.
The synchronization it self can take a few minutes.
After the sync was successfull start the node agent by issuing

Thats it. The node should by in sync now.